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A New York product agency looking for some manager roles: Saas Product, Technical, Project, PPC, Office và nhiều vị trí khác

A highly competitive product agency from New York with many clients and partners who are household brands in Vietnam and large corporates in the US is looking for many managers in these fields. This agency has extensive expertise in Ecommerce/AI and digital marketing performance.


Having strong experience in product UX, product marketing and task management skills to launch and grow a SaaS product into the U.S. and global markets.


Handling high-impact channels for esteemed brands, companies and corporations within the US and Vietnam markets, including but not limited to Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Apple Ads, Amazon, Tiktok Ads, etc.


Overseeing the development process, project planning, management, ensuring successful project delivery, and fostering innovation in cloud-based solutions.


Playing a pivotal role in overseeing the end-to-end development process, ensuring successful project delivery, and driving innovation in cloud-based solutions.


We are seeking a highly experienced Software Architect to join our team. The ideal candidate should have a strong technical background in software design, architecture, and development, as well as excellent leadership and communication skills.


Xây dựng quy trình và môi trường làm việc, quản lý các tác vụ văn phòng, điều phối và hỗ trợ các nhóm khác trong các nhiệm vụ quản trị và hợp tác với bộ phận Nhân sự để tuyển dụng hiệu quả.

Working location: Ho Chi Minh City

Contact: mb[at][at]
Chat: minhbkx@telegram

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