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Pioneering a Compassionate Legacy for Families Navigating Healthcare and SEN Challenges

Pioneering a Compassionate Legacy for Families Navigating Healthcare and SEN Challenges


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For almost seven decades, R.E. Lee International has dedicated itself to safeguarding prosperity and preserving the legacies of its clients. While many aspects of our work are widely acknowledged, there exists a seldom-discussed concern that numerous parents grapple with: the increasing prevalence of developmental issues, such as SEN or autism, among newborns. The spectrum of challenges, encompassing adverse environments and dietary concerns, propels families into an emotional whirlwind. As devoted parents, we empathize with the anguish and yearn for a brighter future not only for their own child but for every child facing similar hurdles.

Allow us to recount the narrative of a client, Mr. Lau, an esteemed individual of considerable wealth with a family of four children (identities altered for privacy). The euphoria of welcoming their first three daughters was immeasurable, and the family’s joy knew no bounds upon learning of the impending arrival of a son when Mr. Lau was 46. The initial years were replete with laughter and merriment, but as their son approached the age of 8, their world underwent a transformation: an autism diagnosis. This revelation shook the family to its core, thrusting them into an abyss of emotional and financial tribulations.

Mr. Lau became increasingly concerned about his son’s future well-being, particularly if he and his wife were no longer there to provide support. Anxious that his daughters might neither be willing nor capable of caring for their brother, he sought our expertise to ensure his son’s ongoing care. Despite having already composed a will, bequeathing a significant portion of his inheritance to his autistic son, he could not dispel the nagging uncertainty of potential disputes with his daughters or their spouses.

It should be noted that, in Hong Kong, much like in many other jurisdictions, wills may face challenges such as undue influence, testamentary capacity, fraud, or improper…

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